10k to Swipe Up?


What's the reasoning behind the “10k Swipe Up” feature from Instagram?
 (if you didn’t know, Instagram only allows accounts with a 10k+ following to use the Swipe Up feature). 

Let us explain:
So Instagram launches this incredible feature (that could benefit businesses world wide) where accounts can include links within their Stories to send followers directly to their website.
The catch? The 10k follower mark. 

Why the 10k mark Instagram?
As a Digital and Social Media Agency, we have over 10 years experience in growing accounts on the platform and know that it takes time, consistency and great content to build an organic audience (ahem, keyword organic). With the opportunities that Social Media create, new businesses and entrepreneurs have found a (gratuitous) way, to becoming independent, chasing their dreams, and connecting with like-minded people, globally. They don’t even have to leave their house to sell their services or products. But now there are so many restrictions and requirements to becoming successful! 

What has this caused?
Fake followers syndrome of course. 
Have you noticed that lately too many business accounts have 12k, 13k, 14k followers, just days or weeks after opening their account? FISHY! 
Ever try to really see their engagement (likes, videos views, comments) on their posts? It’s like a 0:1 ratio! Some of these accounts have thousands of followers but only 200 views on their videos… why? BECAUSE THEIR FOLLOWERS AREN’T REAL!


((Btw, this is the most assertive way to know if an account’s following is mostly fake without getting technical))

However, these are just a few pages/apps that analyze accounts and point out fake follower count.
Hype Auditor
Fake Check
Social Audit Pro

We believe in the power of organic growth and “organic” growth TAKES TIME. 
Not only are accounts buying fake followers to unlock the “Swipe Up” feature, but they’re destroying their account’s analytics and audience demographics in doing so. 

Why are analytics so important?
Social Media has two aspects that you’ll need to fully understand (for those innocent bystanders out there)

  1. Organic Posting 
  2. Promoted Content 

If you’re going to play the social game with all the big players, you'll have to invest in Ads. And no, not just promote your posts here and there from the App, but really take a dive and see what works and what doesn’t with multiple visuals, text and demographics. 
We recommend creating strong and solid Ad Campaigns on Facebook’s Business Manager platform. It’s fully integrated with Instagram and supercharged with all the data to jump start your business into success. 

The only way of drawing attention to future followers AND retaining existing followers is by making sure they’re actually seeing and engaging with your content in the first place. With the evolution of the Ad world on Facebook, you’re able to specifically target your audience, test different visuals with these audience groups and receive factual metrics and data about your performance once you’ve ran your campaigns. You’ll see who’s engaging with what, who’s purchasing what and also see what you’ll need to improve for the next round. 

You see, when you mess with your statistics (add fake followers to your accounts) you lose credibility, status and most importantly data. So moving forward with this approach is as plain as hit or miss.


How does this affect Social Media Agencies?
Social Media Agencies are experts in managing accounts on a wide-range of social platforms. They create strategies behind campaigns (just like traditional media agencies did 10-years+ ago). They navigate the social spectrum for your brand and in doing so they create relevant content and promote your brand successfully. 

When a client approaches us with an account loaded with “fake followers” and makes reference to the amazing growth that they've been experiencing, we take matters into our own hands. We test the accounts with a licensed program for fake followers Hype Auditor and point out why it’s redundant to even attempt to engage with the followers on their accounts.

In conclusion...
We regret to inform that while we ❤️ Instagram, the platform is definitely not considering new, small or up-and-coming business OR Social Media Agencies when they launch their features. 
We believe in the power of growth, of entrepreneurs being able to sell and grow their audiences organically, without the need to purchase fake followers. 

From the “no fake friends” motto we introduce our #nofakefollowers campaign.